BART communication system for CFA, SES and Coast Guard - Victoria Australia
Broadcast Alert Response Technologies, or BART, is a digital system that keeps your team connected by simultaneously sharing and broadcasting key information using common smartphone technology.

Utilising existing paging systems, web and mobile infrastructure, BART is proven to improve response times and coordination by accelerating communication streams and fortifying information sources.

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CooWee Emergency Management System - Corporate, Education, Medical, Response Units
CooWee provides a way for people to connect through user-defined groups and to share information pertinent to their organisation in real-time.

Communication is streamlined between multiple platforms and devices, where you can send your message out once and make contact with numerous teams and users.

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WebComm CMS - For Government, Local Council, Corporate, Melbourne, Australia
WebComm has long been the CMS of choice for many Australian councils and government organisations. The WebComm Content Management System is an Australian owned product that is easy to use, simple to customise, and provides compliance to international accessibility standards (minimum of W3C WAI Level AA).

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Safety Communications System - Business, Corporate, Communities and Education
"solve" will fundamentally change how we think about safety and communications in our schools, work place and our communities. "solve" empowers users to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

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