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AION is a powerful booking, dispatch, and tracking system that incorporates driver profiling and corporate accounting features through a collection of cloud-based applications.

AION allows multi-cab, taxi, or chauffeur companies to work either independently, or together by sharing bookings from both public or corporate customers.

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Book a Chauffeur

The booking application allows members of the public to book their next trip straight from their smartphones. The users simply inputs their pick-up and drop off locations, time and any special requirements for the trip, and they are presented with a price estimate. They can either change their requirements or book the trip straight away.

Control Centre

The heart of AION is the web-based control centre application, which provides a state-of-the-art interface for fleet operators to manage all day-to-day operations.

Purpose built for control and accuracy, the control centre gives operators a range of management options including GPS tracking, Status Updates and Instant Dispatch.

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