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BART is a cloud-based system that helps those in emergency services turnout faster, communicate better and work safer within their communities.

The system utilises a data feed, which may be from a CAD system, paging network, email or SMS. Key information is extracted, and presented in a simple, visual and interactive interface on a range of devices.

BART is made up of 4 modules & an administration area:

BART Team App
(Smartphones, smartwatches & tablet devices)Dashboard
(Responsive web app)Turnout
(Responsive web app)RAMP
(Web app, smartphones & tablet devices)


100% Australian Owned and Built

BART has been built right here in Australia.


BART is a mature system, already proven to be effective, reliable and accepted by tens of thousands.


It’s a living system, continuously evolving to better serve members and management alike.


BART is housed safely within Australian shores, hosted with Amazon Web Services. It’s architecture provides elite security, and allows for near unlimited usage.

  • Event turnouts
    Know who’s coming and when

  • Rostering and availability
    Pre-planning and accountability

  • Chat and discussions
    Share information, images and maps

  • Calendar
    Create and attend pre-planned events

  • Maps
    Member and appliance locations, resource pins, routing and tracking

  • Reports
    Automatically generated incident reports, and custom on-demand reports

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about BART and how it can benefit you and your team, visit the BART website below:

Visit the BART website

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