Project Description




Many businesses and organisations operate outside of regular business hours, and may be required to travel to multiple locations within any given shift. CAS has been specifically designed to cater for non-standard business hours and multiple off-site locations.

The system assists with the scheduling of multiple members, within multiple crews and work units. It has been tailored to suit teams who are required to complete shift work, where system flexibility is essential.


Multiple jobs can be assigned to each shift, with the ability to include key information such as:

  • Job Location
  • Job Details
  • Equipment Required
  • Shift and Job Objectives
  • Key Contacts for both the shift and the job

The system comprises of a smartphone application for notifications and simple scheduling in the field, and a web-based application for more comprehensive administrative tasks. When used in unison, CAS becomes a powerful resource for those needing to manage intricate teams, jobs and shifts.

The thing that really sets CAS apart from other rostering systems is its ability to make sophisticated calculations based on:

  • How many operational staff are assigned to a shift (with warnings if numbers don’t reach the minimum set quantity)
  • The number of meal allowance claims required for on-call shifts
  • A tally of those on leave for any given day
  • Warnings for when a staff member has been scheduled a shift that impedes on the minimum break required between shifts

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