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tribesta’s everyday connector app gives individuals, friends and families peace of mind. With a simple ‘opt in’ system, tribes are formed to maintain close contact with one another – regardless of physical location.


Tribe members have the ability to choose if or when they want to be tracked. This can be useful if a member feels unsafe, or simply for the convenience of not having to give friends or family regular updates on their ETA to a particular location (like school or a social gathering).

location sharing

Alternatively, tribe members can share specific locations. These might be locations of interest, places to avoid, or meeting locations.

emergency safeguarding

During times of emergency, communication is key. Tribesta makes it easy to share pertinent information with loved ones and authorities simultaneously.
With a single press of a button, tribe members can send out an alert. This action automatically enables tracking, as well as providing an option of sharing audio and video.

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